Friday, July 26, 2013


ok jammers this is code page the first one is ok the first one is KANGAROO this  gives you 500 gems in promo gift and this code is preetyly new ones the second one is ngexplorer give you 1000 gems and the last one i know is NGKIDSROX GIVES YOU 1000 GEMS TOO!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

ok hi jammers this is the scammers page and this july month scammer is zmaroof3 he is worst and report him he stole my stuff and here is the picture below of my best buddy in the word of jammaa ok so here it is below

ok jammers this is footsoredegree0

ok so this is footsoredegree0 as youknow that that is super cool and by the way this is a quick note from tigeronswing

it is play wilm alway and every day no scamming an if u saw a scammer comment the user of the scammer ok enjoy the word oj jammaa

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